Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's-a me, Mario!

Hey There Everybody!
I have always wanted to do a Super Mario Bro's manicure. So I decided to try it! I think it turned out pretty good. My first finger got messed up this morning. Poor mushroom got ruined! I did a mushroom, a fire flower, a piranha plant, and a mystery block. I couldn't decide what to do for my thumb so I left it blue. It looks kinda messy in the picture and it actually didn't really photograph that well. But I hope you guys like it!

Light At The End of The Tunnel

What a busy week! I am almost done with school for the  school year (yay!!!) so I have been doing a lot of assignments that somehow I didn't remember to do earlier. Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh how I long for June 1st! School has been taking me away from nail polish. How cruel? I think that should be a crime. But I managed to get in a black polish with glitter and one designed finger.  I had better plans for these but just didn't have time. I will have to do something amazing the beginning of next month to make up for it. Any ideas?

Trying My Hand With Dotting!

So I tried dotting the other day and I really like it! I think it needs some work and also a dotting tool would help but I think as a first attempt its pretty good. Sorry the cleanup is no good on this one. I love trying new techniques, even if it doesn't turn out great it is a challenge to make it better next time. This one took a really long time but I think it was worth it. I think next time I will try some brighter colors.  Let me know what you guys think! 

Funky French Mani!

Hey There!
I don't really do french manicures very often because my nails are so stained from all the nail polish so I thought I could try it with my whole nails painted with a print for the tips. I picked pink, orange, and black and white checkers. I actually like it more than I thought it would! I love this pink so much! It is Sephora By OPI. I am gonna try nail dotting next time but I don't have a dotting tools so we will see what I can come up with. Well I hope you like em! Please comment or follow!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while because I was on vacation! We went to the coast in California and it was so much fun! I wish we could have spent more time there because its just so beautiful. This is a mani that I did a little while ago and forgot to post. The white finger kinda reminds me of a zipper! The picture is a little bit blurry but I think you can still see it okay. Hope you like it!

Pink and Green Stripes!

Here are my latest nails! I am totally worn out from such an awesome yet busy week so this is gonna be short post today. I think they are pretty cute. I did pink on one hand and green on the other because I couldn't decide which color to use. I just got the O.P.I. top coat and I love it so much. I am so happy with it! Here they are! 

Makeup Sponge Gradient Nails!

Hey there!
I wanted to try a new technique that I saw online using a makeup sponge! Maybe once I get the hang of it I will post a tutorial but it is pretty easy to do. I must really like this color combination because I realized after I did this that it looks kind of similar to my color blocking nails. But it was good for a first attempt so I know what to improve on next time. Check em' out!

The Ants Go Marching One By One!

Hey There!
I really like this mani! I really love all the spring looks! I am preparing for spring but I am getting so psyched for summer! Maybe we can skip spring and go straight to summer. I had to take a couple tries for the pattern on these but I think they turned out pretty good! I hope you guys like it! Love to hear your comments and ideas! Click for close ups :)

Spring Challenge #3- Fruit and Dots

So this is the 3rd task of the Spring Challenge and I know I am a bit late again with this one but at least I got it done! This week is Fruit and Dots! I really wanted to do pineapples because they are an amazing fruit but I didn't have the right color for it :( so instead I did strawberries! Which strawberries are pretty great too. Please comment about any ideas or comments cause I love reading them! I hope you like these! 

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Spring Challenge- Flowers and Stripes!

Hey Everyone,
So here is look #2. I wasn't able to get the first one done but I will be on track for he rest of this ;). I know I didn't explain the spring challenge very well so I will try to make it as simple as I can but keep in mind I am not the best at explaining things. All the rules are written here but basically I need to do five themed manicures and use the four color combinations provided. For this one I used the blue and purple. I did flowers and chevrons. But I have to pose the question: Are chevrons considered stripes? Is there such a thing as chevron stripes? I think they look like stripes. Thereby, right now they're stripes. I hope you like em! I will be posting all the other bloggers who will be participating at the end of the challenge cause people keep being added. More nails soon! Click for a close up!

Here is a full schedule:
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Bugs (Apr. 26th 2012) 
Rainbow (Apr. 30th 2012)

The color combinations are:
Pink and green
Blue and purple 
Yellow and green 
Orange and pink

Laziness, Feathers, Fun!

Hey Everybody!
I declare today a lazy day! I think everyone needs a lazy day every once in a while. My lazy days might come more often than most though ;) This morning my mom was going through her wedding pictures and it was funny to see how all my family looked in the 90s. These nails are peacock feathers and stripes! At first I made the feather purple but it didn't look right though so I made it blue instead! Its kind of a mess but I didn't really have time to fix it. I have done my nails like three times in the last 24 hours! I just can't pick one look I guess. I am getting ready for the spring challenge! Its starts in three days. I hope you guys like it! Its gonna be a lot of fun. I am so psyched! 

Spring Challenge!

Ok I just signed up for something great! Its a nail challenge that Mateja from Purple Glitters is having! Its starts April 14th and there is a new mani every fourth day. The whole thing is that everyone participating gets a task that your supposed to do your take on. This challenge has a twist though because there are color combinations that you are supposed to use. I know I am not very good at explaining it but once it starts I am sure you guys will understand. I am really excited for this! Here are the lovely ladies who are participating:

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And of course Mateja from Purple Glitters ( created the challenge. I am sure there will be many more that will be joining! I am really excited and hope you guys enjoy the craziness that will be enfolding. Nails soon! Bye!

Animal Print!

Hey Guys!
This week I am going crazy! It's supposed to be my week off from school but no... its not. I spent one whole day writing a really long research paper and before I could save it someone closed it without saving it. So I am really bummed out cause I have to do it all over again. These are the times I wish for a genie! So much for spring break! But doing my nails helped relieve my frustration a little bit. I really like this purple from Sally Hansen. Its called "Purple Voltage". I will definitely be posting more very soon! I am already planning new nails. Check back soon!

Fashion Statement!

It has come to my attention that color blocking is the new trend for spring. I am not a trendy person but I have to say that these nails are pretty darn fashionable. They aren't perfect but they are good enough for me. Plus they are bright and I am a big fan of bright mani's. I might blind others with neon colors but it makes me happy! The colors not the blinding people. I also wanted to thank everyone who is reading my blog! I am almost at 400 views and that makes me totally happy! I will have to do a poll or something to let you guys choose my next project, I think you can do that. I am still new with using this contraption but I will hopefully figure it out! Enough of my random rants and more nails!

I used a white base, which you can pretty much use any brand that works for you. I used Stripe Rite in "Neon Pink" for the second layer and for the blue I used China Glaze in "Frost Bite". Then topped with my favorite top coat which is Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength. 

Black and Blue.... and a Pinch of Pink!

Hey There,
Who is above a chic striped mani? Plus, add a heart and what more could you ask for! My thumb nail broke sadly... and now it is very short and it makes me sad when I see how stubby it is! Oh well, there is no use crying over spilled milk or in this case a broken nail. It will grow back eventually but until then no laughing at my stubbly thumb ;). 

Dreaming of summer!

Hello there!
Today while watching TV I saw a beautiful beach and I couldn't help but long for summer. Sand, waves and fun.... Sigh. Can you sigh over the internet? Well if you can, I just did. So I had no choice but to put summer on my finger nails! The palm trees were pretty easy to do which surprised me. Hope you like it and thanks for reading!


Did I scare you? OK I realize that I may not be very scary but maybe these nails will be scary cute. Are my hopes too high? We will find out! Hope you like em:

I didn't do such a great job on clean up on this one but I promise I'll do better next time ;). I used Salley Hansens "Black Out" for the base. And for all the designs I used Stripe Rite in Blue, Pink, and Purple. Their brand is specifically made for nail art. But before I bought these I used to put regular nail polish on tooth picks :) 

Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour mon amis!
Or in other words hello my friends! I love french things, maybe not the food so much as I do not care for eating snails, but for the most part. I took my inspiration from a really cute poster I saw the other day. I have been trying to think outside the box for inspiration for my nail polish but its hard thinking outside the box! I think maybe my mind is in a box for a reason. What exactly qualifies as out of the box? The Eiffel Tower doesn't seem boxy to me. Well anyways here it is! Au revoir!

Birds, Pigs, Anger, Oh My!

Hello People!
So I didn't add the pigs on this one but I did paint some pretty angry birds. There is something I don't understand though, which is the green pigs. Why did they choose to make them green? Are they even pigs or they another egg stealing creature entirely? See these are the things I think about ;) But I can't be the only one with these questions! I take my angry birds seriously and I need answers. Oh well I guess the world will never know. Enough of my ranting and more of the nails! Click for close ups! 

Wanna See Card Trick?

Hey Everybody,

My friend and my cousin gave me the idea for these nails. But I have to admit that I am a little distracted right now because I am seriously craving sweets! I will try to stay focused though. I am actually pretty happy with how these turned out! I had to redo the diamonds a lot though because they were all lop sided but after that it was pretty good!  More nails soon ;)

I Do Believe in Fairies.... I Do?

Hey World!
I have been wanting to do a fairy look for quite a while now but haven't really known how to go about it. I was thinking fairies in an enchanted forest but.... How do you make a regular old forest enchanted? Then I thought about fairy dust which is sparkly and wonderful! So that's what I did. Using lots of glitter is a messy job but I think it was worth it. However, I think there is glitter on everything in my living room! My fairy is just a rough draft and needs some tweaking but I think its a pretty great place to start! Click for close ups!!!

Site Seeing Anyone?

Hey guys!
I have never been to India but I am in awe of this beautiful building. I know that it isn't perfect but I don't want to mess with it and destroy what I have now :). So here is an unpolished version of the Taj Mahal! Maybe I will do Big Ben sometime or the Eiffel Tower. Even with its imperfections I hope you like it! 

Candy Canes and Penguins

There really is no explanation for this one except that penguins are really cute! I just couldn't resist.  They swim, they waddle, they slide on their belly's, they steal my heart! For my "non-thumb" nails I did a candy cane stripe. I think this adorable penguin needs a name..... Edward? Flipper? Waffles? OK I admit the last one is just cause I am hungry but it could be a pretty cute name! Click for larger view!

A New Leaf?

Hello There
I don't really know what inspired me with this one. Possibly the glimpse of spring! Maybe I secretly have always wanted a cherry tree. Who knows! But here it is:

I used O.P.I's "I Have A Herring Problem" as the base. I used black for the tree trunk and for the leaves I blended a few colors. I blended Ulta's "Snow White", Pure Ice's "Love" and "Peonies", which are both different shades of pink. Then I used a top coat full of shine! Click for close ups! Hope you guys like it!

Check it!

Busy week with a lot to do so I went with something pretty simple... Checkers! I did smear up my ring finger and pinky just a smidge. Wait... is smidge a word? Well if it isn't it should be. I did Essie's "Cute as a Button" for the pink and "black" for the black ;). Here it is! Hope you guys like it. Click for close ups!

Starting My Adventures!

Hello There!
I have been putting designs on my nails for quite a while. So I figured why not share my projects with the world? I love seeing other peoples ideas so why am I not sharing mine.... maybe the fear of being heckled could have delayed it for a while but now I know that even hecklers can't stop me ;). All my designs are free hand! I hope you guys find inspiration in my designs and have fun reading my adventures with nail art! 

This should be fun! Right?