Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Oh wow. Did you know sunburns hurt? Chances are most people do know that they are quite uncomfortable. They burn, they itch, they hurt, and they make you cold. So even though its like 80 degrees outside I'm on my couch with a blanket. I think it would've been wise of me to put some sunblock on. But there's always next time. So here are my latest nails! They are floral and pretty cool! They look exactly like I thought they would! Which is always good when they don't look worse on your nails then they did in your head. Hope you liked them!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paper Airplanes!

Hey There! What an eventful last couple of days. Some friends came into town yesterday and we had a blast. Some pretty great home videos came out of the garage and then we went and played capture the flag in the dark which is amazingly fun. I don't think the game gets enough recognition for being awesome as it should! Summer is finally starting to pick up with some exciting stuff! But maybe the things I am most excited by is these nails! I made them paper air planes! I really like them. The polish starred chipping really fast though. That means more nails soon! Check back soon :) Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Polka Dots!

Hey Everyone! Just spent a wonderful day at the beach! We went to the lake and just chilled all day. It was awesome! There was swimming, lunch, and Starbucks. What more could you ask for? So now that I'm in a good mood I thought I would try something that has perplexed me for quite some time now.... Free hand polka dots. Everything I do is free hand but polka dot print is one of the hardest things to accomplish with out it looking kinda lop sided or weird at least in my experience. I went for a neon pink and one if my favorite shades of blue. The colors look very different on camera though, especially the pink. It isn't perfect.... Not even close! But I'm getting warmer I think. What's your trick for polka dots? Comment and let me know! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cartoon Heart!

Hello! Have you ever tried to eat a popsicle while typing? If you have attempted this task I'm sure you'd agree that it is not advised unless you have,mad skills.... Which infact I do not. At least not mad "Popsicle Eating While Typing" skills. Yeah that's a thing... I think. Yesterday I did these nails. I did a black base and Finger Paints "MOTLEY" over the top and it looks really cool with the black base. I can't wait to use this on some more themed mani's. Like something to do with outer space or stars or something. But for these nails I wasn't feeling very creative at the time so I went with a cartoon heart. Not crazy creative or cool but I think it's pretty cute! I would like to apologize for any typos in this post. This week I had to send back my school computer so I set up my phone to post. I am not quite used to it yet though but practice makes perfect. Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sorry guys for not posting this week, This week was insane! So I will try to do more this week to make up for it! Today I did some stripes. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and they were having clearance sales on striping polishes so I bought a ton of them! I am so excited to try all my new stuff but I don't wanna take this mani off ;) I am actually surprised I got the stripes so straight because it was freehand. I hope you guys like it! Thanks for reading! Check back soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Owls And Such!

The other day my incredibly awesome and thoughtful friend got me these wonderful earrings. I love them so much!!! She knows I have a thing for owls. Especially in jewelry! I already have an owl necklace and ring so naturally earrings complete my obsession. 

These earrings are my inspiration for my nails. I tried to make it look like the earrings as much as possible but I admit it doesn't look exactly the same. Pretty close though!

The colors in the back and on my other nails remind me of either a rare and improbable but very cool sunset or cotton candy! It also kinda reminds me of water color paints. I didn't really know what I was doing but this is what I came up with! I was inspired by a cotton ball I was using to remove nail polish a while back and it looked a lot like this when I had gotten all the nail polish off of my nails.

I started out with a white base and then added the blue, pink, and purple. The technique I used for this is a makeup sponge and I made different areas, different colors. I thought I was just gonna press the makeup sponge on and take the makeup sponge off like you would with a makeup sponge gradient but it didn't look right when I did that. It wasn't random enough and it didn't blend well. So instead I pressed it on and dragged it a little across the nail. I kept doing this to the nail until it looked good. Here is a picture of the makeup sponge I used so you can kinda see the way the nail polish is on the sponge. 

I start doing tutorials but I have a question I need your opinion on. Do you prefer a video tutorial or a picture tutorial? I am not sure which one would be better. They both have their pro's and con's. Let me know what you think! I love reading your comments and would love some opinions and ideas. Thanks for reading!