Thursday, June 7, 2012

Owls And Such!

The other day my incredibly awesome and thoughtful friend got me these wonderful earrings. I love them so much!!! She knows I have a thing for owls. Especially in jewelry! I already have an owl necklace and ring so naturally earrings complete my obsession. 

These earrings are my inspiration for my nails. I tried to make it look like the earrings as much as possible but I admit it doesn't look exactly the same. Pretty close though!

The colors in the back and on my other nails remind me of either a rare and improbable but very cool sunset or cotton candy! It also kinda reminds me of water color paints. I didn't really know what I was doing but this is what I came up with! I was inspired by a cotton ball I was using to remove nail polish a while back and it looked a lot like this when I had gotten all the nail polish off of my nails.

I started out with a white base and then added the blue, pink, and purple. The technique I used for this is a makeup sponge and I made different areas, different colors. I thought I was just gonna press the makeup sponge on and take the makeup sponge off like you would with a makeup sponge gradient but it didn't look right when I did that. It wasn't random enough and it didn't blend well. So instead I pressed it on and dragged it a little across the nail. I kept doing this to the nail until it looked good. Here is a picture of the makeup sponge I used so you can kinda see the way the nail polish is on the sponge. 

I start doing tutorials but I have a question I need your opinion on. Do you prefer a video tutorial or a picture tutorial? I am not sure which one would be better. They both have their pro's and con's. Let me know what you think! I love reading your comments and would love some opinions and ideas. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Those nails are so cute and I love those earrings. I am a jewelry addict haha. For tutorials I think it depends on the subject. Like something that requires working somewhat quickly like water/needle marbling I think would do good with a video but otherwise pics would be fine.

  2. Thank you! I love jewelry too and have so much of it but somehow I always forget to put it on haha! I think maybe it's cause I am always running late and so don't remember it until I am out the door. Good ideas for the tutorials! Thanks!