Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laziness, Feathers, Fun!

Hey Everybody!
I declare today a lazy day! I think everyone needs a lazy day every once in a while. My lazy days might come more often than most though ;) This morning my mom was going through her wedding pictures and it was funny to see how all my family looked in the 90s. These nails are peacock feathers and stripes! At first I made the feather purple but it didn't look right though so I made it blue instead! Its kind of a mess but I didn't really have time to fix it. I have done my nails like three times in the last 24 hours! I just can't pick one look I guess. I am getting ready for the spring challenge! Its starts in three days. I hope you guys like it! Its gonna be a lot of fun. I am so psyched! 

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