Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Challenge- Flowers and Stripes!

Hey Everyone,
So here is look #2. I wasn't able to get the first one done but I will be on track for he rest of this ;). I know I didn't explain the spring challenge very well so I will try to make it as simple as I can but keep in mind I am not the best at explaining things. All the rules are written here but basically I need to do five themed manicures and use the four color combinations provided. For this one I used the blue and purple. I did flowers and chevrons. But I have to pose the question: Are chevrons considered stripes? Is there such a thing as chevron stripes? I think they look like stripes. Thereby, right now they're stripes. I hope you like em! I will be posting all the other bloggers who will be participating at the end of the challenge cause people keep being added. More nails soon! Click for a close up!

Here is a full schedule:
 Love and life (Apr. 14th 2012)
Flowers and stripes (Apr. 18th 2012) 
Fruit and dots (Apr. 22th 2012) 
Bugs (Apr. 26th 2012) 
Rainbow (Apr. 30th 2012)

The color combinations are:
Pink and green
Blue and purple 
Yellow and green 
Orange and pink


  1. I always thought alternating chevrons looked stripey so I have to agree they count :P Super cute!

  2. I think chevrons are some kind of stripes =)
    And I like your manicure.

  3. stripes or not ;-) lovely mani :-D