Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fashion Statement!

It has come to my attention that color blocking is the new trend for spring. I am not a trendy person but I have to say that these nails are pretty darn fashionable. They aren't perfect but they are good enough for me. Plus they are bright and I am a big fan of bright mani's. I might blind others with neon colors but it makes me happy! The colors not the blinding people. I also wanted to thank everyone who is reading my blog! I am almost at 400 views and that makes me totally happy! I will have to do a poll or something to let you guys choose my next project, I think you can do that. I am still new with using this contraption but I will hopefully figure it out! Enough of my random rants and more nails!

I used a white base, which you can pretty much use any brand that works for you. I used Stripe Rite in "Neon Pink" for the second layer and for the blue I used China Glaze in "Frost Bite". Then topped with my favorite top coat which is Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength. 

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